About Us



WYA is an International Yoga organization devoted to nurturing authentic Yoga traditions around the world. Yoga studios and Yoga teachers in Thailand and in neighboring countries can be part of our community by registering as members of WYA through our divisions. 

WYA Thailand Yoga (also known as the Division of WYA in Thailand) is the International Accrediting Organization for certified Yoga teachers and schools from all Yoga traditions and styles. WYA Thailand Yoga (We) offers (offer) a full range of authentic Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training courses of all levels, according to the styles and the needs of the students who would like to acquire Yoga knowledge.

We also offer courses in Ayurvedic medicine, meditation, alternative therapies, yoga therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, and marma therapy.

Annual international conferences are organized in the region with the objective of providing Yoga teachers and studios in Thailand, with an opportunity to meet with other international professional Yoga teachers to share ideas and ways to improve their teaching skills and knowledge.

The goal of WYA is to build a community of Yoga teachers, therapists, and establishments with impeccable standards and ethics. Good health, spiritual growth, and community service are also hallmarks of our organization. 



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