WYA Training Rules & Regulations

Please read the information carefully below before applying our Yoga Teacher Training Course :

 (This document was last updated on 15th April 2024)

* 92% attendance in the course very important and Participants must follow the time table and attend all theory, practical classes and all extra yoga activities.
* Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited during the course. 

* Places are given only on first paid bookings.

* The applicants should not join the program only interested in acquiring a WYA Certification.

* This program is not religious, non-sectarian, and non-political. Our all yoga courses for spreading the real knowledge of yoga from India as it is.
It's all about Yoga lifestyle teacher training course. 

* Graduates who successfully complete the program are eligible to become CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) according to the course level. 

* The course covers yoga knowledge with philosophy and lifestyle, such as Yogasan, Pranayam, Kriya, Mudra, Bandha, Meditation, Mantra and much more. 

* Students are requested to maintain a peaceful yogic atmosphere of sincerity and positivity. Please do not use bad language with anyone. 

* In order to have the maximum benefit of the yogic experience we advice all the students to have a vegetarian diet throughout the course. 

 * Punctuality and participation in all classes are compulsory. 

* The trainees will take full responsibilities for their own health and wellbeing during the yoga teacher training course.
We (WYA School & Admin) are not responsible for any injuries or other health problems that might occur.

* Submission of the course fee constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations stipulated and acceptance of the payment and refund policy. 

Refund Policy for Onsite & Online YTTC

We understand very well that emergencies and other life situations do arise. That’s why our community schools provides the best refund policy for our members/students. In case the applicant decides to cancel his/her course: Please check the below information; 

R.P1 :- After get the training Manual (Course Book) if any student want to cancel the seat or move to the next course (to save the reservation fee) Applicant must inform our “Course Admin” (Main Teacher) 30 days before to begin the course or also it is transferable to another person to join the course.

R.P2 :- After sign up into the course if Applicant decides to cancel his/her course, then Booking/Reservation fee will not be refunded any condition but Applicant is able to choose to go for any next yoga training within the span of a two years. (There In case after select next course, applicant decides to cancel his/her course again then deposit fee will be forfeited & Applicant have to sign up again from the base for upcoming courses)

R.P3 :- Students will be asked to leave if their behavior is improper or goes against any teachers and teachings, disruption of other students, talking about religious, behaving improperly or failing to attend daily schedule and activities. No refund will be given to students who have been asked to leave.

R.P4 :- In case the student has to leave the course due to any personal reason whatsoever, he/she will not be entitled to any refund; however he/she may be allowed to continue his studies with WYA Divisions in a future course if vacancy is available. (This is to be understood as a concession to the student and can be denied without assigning any reasons whatsoever) 

R.P5 :We (WYA School & Admin) reserve the full right to expel any student during the course at any time on grounds of misconduct and improper behavior of any kind such as not following the time-table, creating disturbances to other students, disrespecting the teacher or assistant teachers, not following the prescribed rules and regulations for the course. The student will not be entitled to any refund in this case.  

R.P6 :- In case, If any Applicant submit booking fee by mistake or confusion with other yoga school. It will be refunded 90% fee to Applicant and other 10% is non-refundable Administration Fee. 


Terms & Conditions

About Special Offers & Discount | Promotions

We (WYA School & Admin) may announce, from time to time, 'Special Discount promotions' for certain trainings and for a limited period of time which is an "additional discount" besides that of the early bird discount. The terms and conditions to avail of Special Discount Offers are as follows:  

D.P1- The applicant should ask the discount code for the particular ''Special Discount Offers" in her/his first contact with us, being it by email, Facebook, Phone or Internet calling or application form.

D.P2 - The applicant is not eligible to claim the ''Special Discount Offers" or further discount if she/he has already sign up into the course before and has already paid the booking/registration fee for that particular course or applicant has not previously mentioned the "CODE" claiming the "Special Discount Offers".

D.P3 - The applicant is also not eligible to claim the 'Special Discount Offers' or further discount if he/she has contacted us through any other partner websites or web directories (from advertising agencies or partners) which also may be announcing and/or receiving enquiries or applications for our courses.

D.P4 - "Special Discount Offers" are valid only for limited time for limited seats only.

D.P5 - We provide "Special Discount Offers" only for particular training or course being announced under certain particular discounted rate. 

D.P6 - We reserve the right to withdraw the "Special Discount Offer' at any time (before expiry the Discount offer date) because we have limited space/seats for yoga teacher training course. 

D.P7 - This "Special Discount Offers" is not valid for that type of students who had canceled reservation before and sign up second time.  

About advertising agencies or partners Service Charges - 

A.D1 -In condition if applicant would join our training through any other non WYA websites or other payable web directories (from advertising agencies or partners), Applicant must pay for this service charge according to the agencies or partners. 

A.D2 -If applicant does not want to pay for this service charge then we recommend applicant to booked the course direct through us. 

A.D3 -* There are some web directories services completely free but some advertising agencies or partners are payable for us. 

A.D4 -* This service charge is payable directly to the advertising agencies, partners or us.


Participant Agreement terms & requirements:

I (Applicant) hereby agree to the following:

I am aware that the participation in the physical and mental activity of yoga, during the training if don't follow the principles of yoga practice may result in accident or injury. I assume the risk and responsibility with the participation in this Yoga Teacher Training Program. I fully understand that once I fulfill all the requirements of the Teacher Training Course, I will receive a WYA Teacher Certification according to the training Level. I confirm that I have no existing mental and physical conditions that would either prevent me from participating or disrupt the delivery of the course. I hereby state that I am in a good health and I understand the intensity of physical and mental participation I have committed to. I completely understand and agree that there will be no refunds once the course has commenced. However if by any reason I cannot attend the course, and I provide at least 30 days advance notice, my payment may be transferred to any other courses within two year after the course date. If I want to attend other training after the expiration date, I will be required to sign up again for upcoming courses. I understand that the yoga teachers and staff reserve the right to cancel my enrollment for any reason and at any time during the course. These reasons may include any inappropriate or unethical behavior which may violate instructions and requirements of the course. I confirm my complete release of all liability for WYA YOGA staff and also including class fellow students present. I release all teachers and staff of "WYA Thailand Yoga School" from any and all claims of injury and damages caused by my doing, but not limited to, any of the following: performance of any asana without alignment, misuse of the surroundings, or other things etc...