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World Yoga Alliance is an International Yoga community for Yoga Institution and Yoga Teachers.    


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After a one-time payment, our registrants enjoy the following benefits:

  • international recognition as a yoga teacher/studio;
  • promotional exposure on the WYA yoga teacher/studio registry (profile and details);
  • opportunity to advertise your yoga studio on the WYA website;
  • ongoing educational support in the form of conferences, seminars and workshops for only a nominal fee;
  • Discounts on events and other courses organized by the WYA.



We offer our member teachers and schools the following benefits:

  • free lifetime membership at the same level at any WYA division (student must provide WYA indentification number to qualify)
  • free assistance and organizational support for establishing a yoga studio or division (certified members must register first);
  • reduced registration fee – 25% off);
  • free ongoing educational support in the form of conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • free promotion for your yoga school, classes or workshops on our website.

WYA Yoga International provides a platform to connect with all our world-wide members.

Students from all over the globe have obtained certification through  WYA, including  Central America, United Kingdom, Brazil, Bulgaria, United States, Europe, Asia,  Australaia, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada!

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-: Fee Details:- (Life time Membership)

• Fees for Yoga School / Institution affiliation. – € 250

• Fees for Yoga Teacher / Instructor affiliation. – € 250

• Fees for Both (Yoga Institution with One Yoga Teacher) affiliation. – € 400

  • Fees for a "WYA Teacher ID" holder only – € 190

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