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Welcome to World Yoga Alliance Thailand. (WYA).  We are excited to offer you an opportunity to learn and study original Hatha Yoga in the beautiful region of Chiang Rai , Thailand. 

Chiang Rai is situated in the northern most Province of Thailand and is nestled next to the border of Myanmar to the North and Laos to the East. Chiang Rai offers you natural beauty, cultural heritage and a wonderful climate due to the mountains and natural landscapes of the region. 

Once famous for its connection with the Golden Triangle and the famous opium trade Chiang Rai hosts some of Thailand’s most unique ethnic tribes and heritage.

Founded in the 13th Century by Kind Mangrai and part of the Lanna Thai Kingdom Chiang Rai was a popular town frequented by many varying populations who came to settle in the region and have contributed to Chiang Rai’s rich cultural diversity.

Today in Chiang Mai you will find descendants of the Chinese Kuo  Mintang  Solidiers, settlers from the 93rd Division of the Republic of China and various Ethnic Hill Tribes as well as Thai populations.

Chinag Rai offers many cultural experiences and is famous for the good quality of teas grown and produced in the area as well as the famous white temple called Wat Rong Khun.

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Read More Detail about Chiang Rai ---- Click Here 

How to get there: 

From Your Country you can fly to Chiang Rai International Airport directly. The Airport Name is "Don Mueang" and within one hour from Bangkok International Airport, you will be transported into another world. We would love for you to come and join us for this unique Hatha Yoga experience. We offer a professional learning opportunity with our professional yoga teachers who shares his lifetime of Hatha Yoga and all traditional yoga styles knowledge with you. Come and learn Yoga teaching practices, good ethical yoga teacher training and Original Yoga techniques with us.

Let us enjoy our yoga experience together with the true benefits of Yoga for all and take this knowledge with you for your life.

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For Booking your seat :

How To Apply ------------------------------------

• Please Fill up the application form with "Yoga Training date (Click Here to go to the Training form)

• Pay the Deposit 600 USD via PayPal account or Bank Transfer. 

• Receive the confirmation letter from WYA Thailand Yoga Team. 

• Congratulations! You are registered for Teacher Training courses !

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Requirements about VISA ---------------------------------------------------------

All the countries listed bellow can get 30 days tourist VISA

- Australia Common wealth of Australia,
- Republic of Austria, Austria,
- Belgium Kingdom of Belgium,
- Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil,
- Bahrain Kingdom of Bahrain,
- Brunei Darussalam Negara Brunei Darussalam,
- Canada,
- Czech Republic,
- Denmark Kingdom of Denmark,
- Finland Republic of Finland,
- France, French Republic,
- Germany, Federal Republic of Germany,
- Greece Hellenic Republic,
- Hong Kong SAR,
- Iceland, Republic of Iceland,
- Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia,
- Ireland, Israel State of Israel,
- Italy, Republic of Italy,
- Japan,
- Korea, South Republic of Korea,
- Kuwait State of Kuwait,
- Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,
- Malaysia,
- Monaco, Principality of Monaco,
- Netherlands, Kingdom of the Netherlands,
- New Zealand,
- Norway, Kingdom of Norway,
- Oman, Sultanate of Oman,
- Peru, Republic of Peru,
- Philippines, Republic of the Philippines,
- Portugal, Republic of Portugal,
- Qatar State of Qatar,
- Singapore, Republic of Singapore,
- Spain, Kingdom of Spain,
- South Africa, Republic of South Africa,
- Sweden, Kingdom of Sweden,
- Switzerland, Swiss Confederation,
- Turkey, Republic of Turkey,
- United Arab Emirates,
- United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
- United States of America,
- Vietnam, Socialist Republic of Vietnam,
- Republic of Hungary,
- Principality of Liechtenstein,
- Republic of Poland,
- Slovakia Republic and Republic of Slovenia.

YTT Programs in Thailand

Please make sure that you know the latest updates regarding to Thai VISA application: requirements and length of stay; these two thing tend to change quite often; so make sure that you cover all the requirements before fly in the country.


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