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Anyone! Whether you are a yoga teacher, a massage therapist or just someone who is passionate about their health this is the course for YOU! 


Many people think Marma therapy is just simply a part of massage technique but it is much more than that. Being that it is a part of ancient Ayurvedic healing, Marma therapy has been used for thousands of years. It increases blood circulation to detox carbon dioxide from the body and moves blocked energy to help in aligning and balancing the chakras. In this course we will focus on the education to give you the knowledge to heal yourself and your ailments. Among other things arthritis, sleeping issues and digestion problems can all be healed with this practice! By learning how to identify and find your 107 marma points located throughout the body you can not only a practice on others but also heal yourself.
If you are a yoga teacher and want to become a yoga therapist this is the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade the healing that you can bring to your students

This is a great tool for massage therapists as well! 


 This course considered as Therapy course.
It is good for 200 hour Certified Yoga Teachers.  

Level 1 (100 hours – Online Marma Therapy Course)

Course Curriculum / Syllabus:

In this course we will focus on basic Marma Therapy points to help you understand the foundation and give you confidence in identifying these points as to help heal yourself first. We will learn and discuss techniques such as:


1st Module: 

  • 50 basic points from the 107 total marma points.  
  • Pre-therapy exercises.
  • Techniques of observation.  

2nd Module: 

  • Basic yoga therapy.  
  • Focus on self-therapy. (In order to heal others, you must first be able to heal yourself!)  
  • Learn how to practice these points on yourself and friends/family members until you feel completely confident to use this therapy on students after completing the next 2nd part.

Level 2 (100 hours – Online Marma Therapy Course)

Course Curriculum / Syllabus:

This is an advanced level marma therapy course and the next step in your healing journey. Here we will focus on how you can become a professional Marma Therapist by using techniques such as: 


3rd Module

  • Learn how to identify marma points on others. 
  • Learn 57 additional marma points in congruence to level one to reach an understanding of all 107 points. 


4th Module

  • Learn the principles of Aryuvedic diet that accompany marma therapy.  
  • Learn how to design lesson plans for specific diseases (ex: shoulder pain, knee pain, office syndrome) 
  • Learn Basic food science so you can make meal plans to accompany the therapy you offer your patients according to the Dosha Diet.


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Course Benefits:

  • Become a certified International Marma therapist (receive diploma)
  • Work internationally as a Marma therapist as WYA certified
  • Lifetime support from Master Dharm


Marma Therapy Benefits:

  • Same benefits as traditional massage 
  • Detox the nadis (72,000 channels) 
  • Relieves physical and mental blockages of energy  
  • Regenerate tissue 
  • Prevents signs of aging 
  • Improves lymph 
  • Increases the protection from vata disorders 
  • Nourishes the body  
  • Encourages good sleep/helps with insomnia
  • Improves physical stability 
  • Balances the Dosha 
  • Helps ease the flow of energy through the chakras 
  • Helps relieve pain caused by Arthritis 
  • Increases digestive fire/improve digestion 
  • Removes amal (toxins) 
  • Promotes energy
  • Relieves nerve pain 
  • Promotes deep relaxation



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