WYA Code of Ethics

WYA Code of Ethics

Last Updated: 11 July 2022  

World Yoga Alliance™ Code of Conduct (Code) applies to every Member. The Code sets out acceptable, recommended, required, and prohibited professional and ethical behaviors by which Members agree to conduct themselves. We required all community members to follow the core values in their yoga practice.

1.    Recommended

To have respect for each other in our international yoga community. We are the one yoga family, including our certified yoga schools, teachers, students, and employers in the spirit of yoga. We are responsible to support each other’s and provide safe and effective knowledge and an accessible environment for all participants. Provide equal and clean energy to all. Make our practice as a yoga lifestyle and continuing education a priority.


2.    Required

2.1 - Members MUST abide by all local, state, provincial, national, and federal laws and regulations applicable in their location.

2.2 – Be kind to all members including our registered and certified yoga schools, teachers, students, employers, and other non-registered and certified yoga teachers or schools. Must remember we all are human beings.

2.3 – We must follow our WYA Community Terms and Conditions https://wyayoga.org/legal/terms-and-conditions   

2.4 – We must adopt yoga as a lifestyle (do no harm anyone by anyhow)

2.5 – We must follow the Yama – Niyama (Do respect to yoga community worldwide)

2.6 –We must follow our WYA designation and trademark policy.


2.7. All community members must know our cancellation and refund policy.



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