Booking Payment

Payment method


Here you can select the way you like most to pay your Online Course fee 

1) Transfer Wise: This is the most cheaper and faster way to pay online (Recommended) You can pay to this IBAN: BE50 9671 9436 4118 


2) Bank Transfer:

* If you choose the option for pay your fee by Bank Transfer all Payments must be net of bank and transfer fees. Transferring by bank transfer, please make sure you also pay for the bank and transfer fees. 


3) PayPal:

* If you choose the option for pay your fee by PayPal, then 4.9 % surcharge will apply. Here don't require any PayPal account, just a need only credit card. 

- For Example: Course Fee + 4.9 %  =  Total. 

Our PayPal email is:  

3) Western Union / Money Gram:

* You can also Pay via Western Union or Money Gram service office. It is convenient. See the detials in our Payment Page - Click Here



Payment Policy

(This document was last updated on 9th April 2020)

This page contains information on Course Accreditation and on our Payment & Refund Policy for Online Yoga Courses including Yoga TTC & Other Courses conducted by WYA Yoga Community. Please read carefully. 


1.1 - For enrolling to any of our Online yoga courses the applicant must fill an "Application form" (If any technical issue to submit the application then not required to submit the form) 

1.2 - Upon submit the fee receipt applicant must receive a Confirmation from "WYA Thailand Yoga" within 4 hours.  

1.3 - See the Online Yoga Courses - CLICK HERE

1.4 - To enjoy our early bird discounted fee and promotions the applicant must complete the enrolment by paying booking/registration fee before the stipulated announced date. 

1.5 - If you have problems to pay your booking/registration fee please contact us for other payment possibilities. - CLICK HERE



2.1 - We are sure that you have good feeling and experience with WYA Organization Online yoga education system. But, if you find you are unhappy with any of our online yoga course which is provided by our authorization, please reach out to us to see if there’s anything we can do to help. 

2.2 - Any payment after submitting for your online course (fees) once paid are nonrefundable and there are no refunds at all or credits for partially or unused periods. You will continue to have access to the service through the end of your current billing period. 

2.3 - In any situation, if you found it's hard to complete the online course due to some life situation or your internal condition. Feel free to pause your classes or online training. So you can start again whenever you are ready within 2 years from the pause date. To pause the course please contact your course teacher.  

2.4 - In case to refund the Certification fee: Office can refund the course certification fee as their course registration (5,000 THB for 300 hour) (4,000 THB for 200 hour) (1,500 THB for 50 hour) After refund the payment, WYA will cancle the registration number from the system, so might be applicant no more longer access in tranining videos / Live Classes / Online Course. 



3.1 - 92% attendance in our LIVE Meeting is very important to attend and all participants must follow the timeline to complete the course.  

3.2 - Upon completing the course the applicant will get WYA Certified Diploma according to the training level.  

3.3 - This program is non-religious, non-sectarian, and non-political. All our courses are designed and intended to spread the real knowledge of yoga and the Ashram lifestyle.  

3.4 - Applicant need to complete the online course within the course timeline. 



All videos and study materials are copyright and the World Yoga Alliance has full ownership. Copyright © World Yoga Alliance® 2011 - 2021



If you get injured from any online workshop or videos that you acquire through WYA Websites  we are not liable for the damage caused. We always recommend taking as many safety precautions as possible whilst practicing yoga, if you decided of you own volition to practice yoga without taking safety precautions then that choice was yours and yours only. We have no responsibility for the risks you decide to take on your own. Our course teachers always work with safety and providing all the useful techniques, so everyone can practice yoga at home.  

We are so happy to welcome you to our Online Yoga Courses! Join the family and become a Yoga Teacher under WYA.  

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