Yoga Teacher Training

Certified 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 / 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses 

International WYA Certification Programs

Yoga Teacher Training
-: Certified by World Yoga Alliance, Govt. of THAILAND & INDIA:-

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga TTC 50 Hr, 100 Hr, 200 Hr, 300 Hr & 500 hours.

WYA Thailand Yoga is an International premier Yoga education Institution. 

#1 By: Miss Kairavi Deva. [IP:]
This yoga teachers training course make you a better Yoga Teacher
#2 By: Susan Komi [IP:]
Hi All friends. How is your practice.
#3 By: Susan Komi [IP:]
I join yoga teacher training in Thailand with this Institution and DS Berwal Guru ji (Dharam), this training changed my life. All teachers is very experienced and kind. I recommend everyone to learn yoga teacher training with this Institution and I am looking forward also to join Advanced yoga teacher training.
Love regards for all teaches.
#4 By: Sofia Rose [IP:]
I love this yoga school and this yoga school teach very best yoga teacher training course in all around the Thailand.
Love this school.
#5 By: joyce thompson [IP:]
I join yoga teacher training course in Thailand with "WYA Yoga School". This course is a very great for me. I would like to Highly recommended for everyone, if you want to real knowledge of YOGA, Please join teacher training course. and become a certified yoga teacher with Certification of "World Yoga Alliance".


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